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"To Hrysafi, i Helona ki i Pentamorfi - Paramythia apo tin Asia" (The Gold, the Tortoise and the Beauty - Tales from Asia)
ASE, 1986, 1988, 1989. 4th edition Patakis, 1995 - 9th edition 2018. 40 pp.
Illustrator: Vasso Psaraki
ISBN: 960-16-0096-5

Broadcast in Greece (ERA-3)

This book contains three folk tales from Asia. The first story comes from China: An Immortal comes down from the fairy mountain P'eng-lai hoping to find even one man without the taint of greed in his heart. The second story comes from the Philippines: A tortoise and a monkey become friends and eat bananas together from a near by tree. However, the monkey, who can't get over his greediness, deceives the tortoise. The third story comes from Iran: A beautiful girl refuses to marry a noble man, a prince, and even a mighty king. The reason is simple: When each of them had knocked on her door to make his proposal, she had asked, "who is it?" and all the three had answered proudly "it's me!" Then they had added pompous descriptions of themselves, their strength and richness. A young man then appears at her door. When asked, "who is it?" he readily answers "It's you!" -so full of love he was for the beautiful girl that he actually felt he was "her". The girl decides to marry this young man so poor but desperately in love with her.


"The style of writing is poetic and although the narration flows in prose, what is particularly noticeable in all phrases is rhythm and tempo, even some sense of rhyme. They are nice tales either to read or listen to them, enjoying writing in its very good moments. In addition, as far as their content is concerned, these fables are charged with folk wisdom, perfection, feelings and wealth of ideas that centuries' experience piles in peoples' mind".
Yiannis Bartzis, ODIGOS PEDIKOU VIVLIOU - 1988

"...Particularly well-looked-after word, the language that through its phrase gives us a poetic pitch... The reformation or renarration of a fable or tale demands mastery at art. And I believe that this is easily ascertained in those tales".
V.D. Anagnostopoulos, DIADROMES magazine - no11, Autumn 1988

"Lovely tales of nice illustration. Stories that are eternal, universal, about love, hope, miracles, in a fine, harmonized picturesque setting".
Eleni Sarantini, ELEFTHEROTIPIA newspaper - 15.12.1993

"...It is greediness, friendship, true love that those three fine pieces of work, which are based on folktales, talk about..."
TO RODI magazine - January 1994

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