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"Istories pou taxidevoun me to Marino kai tin Marina" (Travelling stories with Marino and Marina)
ASE, 1986, 1988, 1989. 4th edition Patakis, 1993 - 20th edition 2014. 106 pp.
Illustrator: Spyros Ornerakis
ISBN: 978-960-293-839-0

Part of it has been translated and published in the Albanian magazine The little mermaid (Tirana)

Who said that only people can travel? There are stories, which travel too. They are those which two children exchange with their father, a journalist who is away on a duty trip. His children, Marinos and Marina, write to him every so and then about their everyday happenings, most of them having to do with misunderstandings caused by television ads. Their father sends, in his turn, the most crazy and funny stories ever thought by a serious father and a responsible journalist!


"...stories written in a humorous way. You will like them a lot, they will cheer you up and you will feel like reading them once more."
Maria Pyliotou, PEDIKI HARA magazine, no 4, Nicosia, January 1987

"Throughout the whole book, there is high-spirited mood diffused by the author, who wants to play and laugh. To play on the words we come across in our language, to laugh at the TV ads results... With humour that underlines many things, she nicely touches on problems that contemporary style of living in cities has created while she offers human and optimistic solutions."
Angeliki Varella, DIADROMES magazine, no 5, Spring 1987

"It is difficult to describe how much I relaxed and how nice I felt as a mother who was in the position of offering such texts to my child."
Eleni Tsialta, Athens, September 1989

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