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"Sti gitonia tou iliou" (In the Neighbourhood of Sun)
Kastaniotis, 1980 - 8th edition 2003. Psichogios, 2010 - 12th edition 2018. 80 pp.
Illustrator: Katerina Hrysohoou
Women's Literary Association Award
ISBN: 960-03-0547-1 (Kastaniotis), 978-960-453-696-2 (Psihogios)

Broadcast in Greece (ERT -1)
Some stories have appeared in Yia Hara! magazine for children

Ten short stories as many as the children who play together in a neighbourhood. Each child experiences his/her own joys and worries: Difficulties at school, parents' divorce, jealousy for siblings, an unemployed father, or a tonsillitis operation to be suffered - and many other to be faced, which is done with courage and humour.


"...a joyful book, written with enthusiasm. Ten little children, each one with its character, its joys, its worries, but their secret communication codes as well, the unprecedented friendship and companionship bond."
TO VIMA newspaper - 20 Dec.1980

"Written with enthusiasm, but also with insight into children's soul, this engaging book consists of ten stories. Having the square of Sun as the link - the reference point of the children's company - the authoress unfolds, with love and humour, the personal story of each child, outlining, on the other hand, friendship, companionship and the bond that binds the ten little friends."
MESIMVRINI newspaper - 13 Jan. 1981

"When man feels sad at heart because of the misery of everyday life, the best thing to do is to read a book for children, like that lively, fresh and illuminated one that the multi prize-winning and competent author gave to our children, but to adults as well..."
EFTHINI magazine - no 118 - October 1981

"...Ten short stories with the kids of a neighborhood being the heroes of them. Written in amusing style, they give, through the tales and games, simple and useful knowledge or touch on minor and major problems in a natural way - the fear in darkness, the fear of hospitals, poverty, the parents' divorce - problems that have great impact on little kids' souls and their parents often leave them unanswered."

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