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To thavmasto taxidi tis nonas Helonas (Granny Tortoise’s wonderful trip)
Patakis 2019, 108 pp
Illustrator: Georgos Sgouros
ISBN: : 9789601683478

Granny Tortoise and her ten grandchildren, heroes of three previous books of the same author, go through a curious adventure. It all begins when Granny Tortoise tells the story of the Turtle Nymph. Something magic happens and a wonderful journey begins!


“… Love and sensitivity diffuse in the text […] amazingly written story by a great author. A book that readers of all ages will love”.
Dr. Elena Staniou, University of Thessalia

“…A wonderful book that combines knowledge with literary merit and touches children in multiple ways”.
Anta Katsiki-Guivalou
Professor Emeritus, Athens University Fb 11.12.2019
Fb 11.12.2019

“…Beautify, tender, wonderfully written story by a great author”.
Elena Ardjanidou, aurhor Fb, 18/12/2019

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