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"Agapi apo synnefo”  (Love of cloud)
Patakis, Athens 2018, 28 pp.
Illustrator: Thenda Mimilaki
ISBN: : 978-960-16-7394-3

A great love is born in a fairy wood. Some find it strange and others think it should never have happened. But great loves don’t fade easily even if some will try to extinct them. This is what a fairy and a waterlily prove in this book that speaks of their love.


"... Αn attractive fairytale that will enchant every child.”
Anda Katsiki – Guivalou
Professor of the University of Athens

"... A tale that fills the soul with strength, craving, stubbornness and perseverance. A story without any blemish ... ".
Helen Beteinaki, Teacher

"... A wonderful allegorical fairy tale for both young and old readers”.
Alexandra Zervou, Professor of the University of Crete.

"... Fairies, magicians, anthropomorphic elements of nature find their place in a story full of magic, transformations and true feelings of love between two seemingly unsuited creatures."

"... A beautiful gentle tale for a great love. A story about two completely different creatures who, against all the predictions, loved and remained faithful to one another. "
Angeliki Boziki

"... Tender and charming the story of Loty Petrovits enchants us with its beauty and like all magic stories is ageless."
Kostas Stoforos


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