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E mikri polycrhomi giagia mou (My little colourful grandmother)
Kokkini klosti demeni, Patras 2017, 30 pp
Illustrator: Eliza Vavouri
ISBN: : 9786185151423

Are there any little colourful grandmothers? Yes, there are according to the heroine of this book. Actually, her grandmother is one of those; a grandmother who can play, draw, tell stories, laugh and fill the whole world with colours! This is the reason why her granddaughter wants her to become all of her classmates' grandmother!


"…A tender story where the magnificent relationship between children and grannies unfold; grannies who are giving and loving to children! To all children! "
Tasoula Tsilimeni
Ass. Professor, University of Thessalia

"…An amazing short story, inspired by life and reflecting everyday reality that can be made colourful with imagination and creativity."
Anta Katsiki-Guivalou
Professor Emeritus, University of Athens

"… a humorous and amusing story dedicated to this world's grandmothers. It has been written by an author that both young and older readers love offering underlying meanings that will make parents contemplate while their children work on collages or play with the book's heroes... An elaborate and well-worked story that can offer hours of joy, fun and intense emotions to both young and older readers."
Panos Tourlis

"...an affectionate realtionship between the colourful grandmother and her granddaughter Iris that is not restricted between these two individuals but opens up to the whole world - a world than deeply needs light, love and lots of play..."
Dionysis Leimonis

"…Such a joyful book, it makes us feel part of the company that a granny and granddaughter have; the two of them know how to have fun, invent games and ways to enjoy themselves in a snap."
Kostas Stoforos

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