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"E atakti mama”  (The naughty mummy)
Psichogios 2017, 3rd edition 2020, 56 pp.
Illustrator: Liana Denezaki
ISBN: : 978-618-01-1789-9



“… An original, ingenious and particularly humorous story whose reader is difficult to predict how it evolves. A story based on the swapping of roles – when the weak ones become strong enough to define things. Once people’s roles swap, everything appears to be different…”
Eleni Betinaki

“… It is a particularly witty, full of inspiration and sensitive book as it always happens with Loty Petrovits’ books. It is a “game” that the author invents in order children to play their parents’ roles and parents to be able to see things from their children’s point of view! ...”
Phoebe Lekka

“An ingenious story that is humorous, full of sensitivity and affection and will definitely make children laugh and play the game of “the naughty mother…”
Popi Grammenou

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