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"E nona Helona kai e arhea krypsona ”   (Granny Tortoise and the ancient crypt)
Patakis, 2015. 108 pp
Illustrator: Georgos Sgouros
ISBN: : 978-960-16-6495-8

Granny Tortoise and her ten grandchildren see a precious ancient “jewel” in front of badger’s hole! They learn that it is an ancient coin and that there are many more in an ancient crypt. They manage to get some of them, but what about the rest? Granny Tortoise seeks the advice of her wise friend, the owl. Then, together with the parrot, the hare and the magpie, they try to think what best to do with these treasures. An unbelievable and dangerous adventure follows, until a story-teller helps them find the best solution.


“… An inventive and exceptionally original long fairy-tale that is offered to be read either at home or in the classroom”.
Litsa Psarafti
‘Diadromes’ magazine, Issue 120, Winter 2015-16

“… This long fairy-tale, which is offered to be read either at home or in the classroom, gives rise to educational activities that broaden the ideas it conveys and enrich children’s knowledge with humorous events”.

“Granny Tortoise is back offering to its readers a new story, far different than the two previous ones […] I would like to point out the way Granny Tortoise’s character is depicted: age-long experience has offered her wisdom as well as self-knowledge and sobriety so as not to boast that she knows everything and ask for others’ help with no second thoughts”.

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