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"Τa Christougenna tis nonas Helonas”   (Granny Tortoise' s Christmas)
Patakis, 2013, 32 pp.
Illustrator: Georgos Sgouros
ISBN: : 978-960-16-5057-9

On Christmas day, Grannie Tortoise’s ten grandchildren want to play with ten young hares living in their neighbourhood. The young hares arrogantly reject this proposal. To console her disappointed grandchildren, Grannie tells them a very old story about her grand-grand-grandmother and Mr. Hare, a not so friendly neighbour. When they both decided to go to Bethlehem, to pay respect to the newly born Crist, Mr. Hare’s behaviour was far from good. Yet, something happened in that Holy Night and they ended up being very good friends.


“….the authoress manages to creatively combine the Aesop’s fable with the story of Christ’s birth… The readers who are looking for a new set of juxtapositions between the two longstanding opponents, they will be mistaken as they are going to deal with an unexpected turn…”

“… A contemporary view of Christmas’ story by a very important and beloved authoress. A story that children will surely love and like to read again and again…”
Eleni Beteinaki

“… A story in which friendship, mutual help and solidarity triumph over competition, arrogance and rivalry. A book that excellently adds to its previous one, Granny Tortoise’s Easter, an equally well-illustrated book by George Sgouros.”
Litsa Psarafti
‘Diadromes’ magazine http://issuu.com/psichogiosbooks/docs/t._112_internet

“… A subversive story in which the two longstanding opponents put aside their disputes and manage to reach little Christ’s crib in the spirit of love and cooperation and be actively present within the Birth story.”

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