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"I skylitsa mas o Plouto "
(Our girl-puppy, Plouto)

Psichogios, 2012, 3nd edition, 2019, 46 pp.
Illustrator: Polina Papanikolaou
ISBN: 978-960-16-3856-0

I begged mum for a puppy a girl I preferred. But mum said “no”. “No way could we get a dog! A female dog is out of the question, and definitely not in a flat!” Till one day my dream came true. Dad found a puppy abandoned, felt sorry for it and brought it home. Mum finally gave in and agreed to keep it, because dad reassured her it was male. You won't imagine what happened next...


“A well written and clever story, with humour and twists that both children and parents will enjoy”
Litsa Psarafti
Diadromes Magazine, issue 107 - Autumn 2012.

“This book presents some of the problems the urban family deals with and appeal to children as well. In an honest way and without becoming a psychological burden to the young reader, the book depicts the wishes as well as the difficulties in order these wishes to become true…”

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