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"Kathe neraida kai doulia (A job for every fairy)
Patakis, 2010. 40 pp.
Illustrator: :Dimitra Psychogiou
ISBN: 78-960-16-3867-6

In the imaginary world where this book’s fairies live, everyone has her job but each of these jobs has its own unexpected difficulties! The way these unusual fairies deal with their problems makes young readers enjoy themselves while indirectly helps them to overcome fears, worries, difficulties or doubts at this age in a fairy-like way.


At last, a book with “different” fairies illustrated in a way that does not remind us of the well-known foreign sweet figures but comes from our Byzantine tradition. In this book, there are five fairies – as many as the book stories – that each has her important job. Written in a magical way – that is psychologically correct as well – the authoress helps young readers travel in the world of fantasy. Through their adventures, the fairies indirectly help children to overcome their fears, worries, difficulties or doubts at their age. Such a unique and perfectly written book is a credit to children’s literature as well as a useful tool for parents.
Litsa Psarafti, DIADROMES magazine, no 100, Winter 2010-2011

“…An enjoyable journey for young and adult readers… An excellent book that owing to its quick-paced narration can be easily read by young readers as well – a book of imaginative plot and exceptional illustration. One of the presents you should buy for your children – both your own and your friends’ – and read it along with them!…”
E-magazine MATIA (www.matia.gr) 22 December 2010

“…What a refreshing book! I am impressed by the style of the fairy-tales. It preserves a fadeless and diachronic fairy-like spirit. It is through the story that “the message” as well as its value well out so imperceptibly and literary. The “GLEAM FAIRY” is unbeatable! The language of texts is so tender that directly speaks to children’s soul! We’ve been deluged by books that a priori aim to their didactic utilization and this is why such books are a PLEASURE!”
Tasoula Tsilimeni, Professor Assistant, University of Thessaly – 17 January, 2011

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