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"Ο vatrahos, i gata kai to fidi" - Afroamerikanika paramythia
(A frog, a cat and a snake - Afroamerican tales)

Patakis, 2010, 32 pp.
Illustrator: Dimitris Fousekis
ISBN: 978-960-16-3491-3

Mr. Snake is ungrateful to his saver but he gets what he deserves. A hungry cat catches two mice but finally remains without food. Mr. Frog wants everything for himself, but he confronts two angry wives!


“An excellent text excellently illustrated provides a real reading pleasure!”
V.D. Anagnostopoulos, Professor Emeritus, University of Thessalia
NEOS TYPOS newspaper, Volos, 30 May 2010.

“Folktales that trapped Africans brought to America from their native land – as if they were talismans or heirlooms – during their painful journey on slave ships. Folktales as well as poems feed the soul; they function as a memory that preserves people’s spirit and body. Such folktales were spread all over the world by word of mouth, narrated by generation to generation. In her own way but with needed respect, Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou rewrote three of these folktales while Dimitris Fousekis illustrated them accordingly. Simply but wisely, they talk about the relationships among all creatures as well as the necessity of consistency, kindness and choices.”
Eleni Sarantiti, ELEFTHEROTYPIA (newspaper), 25 June 2010

“This book contains three stories – folktales narrated by Afro-American storytellers – descendants of Africans who were violently taken from their land in order to work in a newly-discovered land as slaves. Loty Petrovits Andrutsopulou – an authoress well-known for her imagination and literary abilities – collected, took care, remoulded and finally offered us three of these folktales in an excellent colour illustration that embellishes the texts.
Galatea Grigoriadou-Soureli, DIADROMES magazine, no 99, Automn 2010

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