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"Efta kokkines klostes" (Seven Red Threads)
Ekdoseis ton Epta, 1978. 2nd edition Vasdekis, 1984. 3rd edition Patakis, 1993 - 24rd edition Patakis, 2020. 80 pp.
Illustrator: Vangelis Eleftheriou
ISBN: 960-293-834-

One of these stories has been translated into English and published in Cricket, the American magazine for children, and in Thinking about Reading - Focus on story Comprehension-level D, Modern Curriculum Press, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Broadcast in Greece (EIR)

Seven fairy-tales written in traditional style. The background is mostly rural and the heroes are grown-ups, animals, or trees. Yet, the tales deal with ever-lasting truths, thus creating a link between today's children with tradition.

"Seven original tales, even one more valuable offer by Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou to Greek Children's Literature. Written in the same beautiful way, with unfailing imagination and lyricism, both of which distinguish her previous works as well... Children of the age of kindergarten and above will be enthusiastic about them".
IKOGENIA KAI SCHOLIO magazine, Cyprus, January-February 1979

"...The power of mutual help among the creatures of nature, the need to share our sorrows and joys with our fellowmen, kindness, courage, optimism and a number of other constructive messages pass through those plain stories".
DIALEGOUME VIVLIA GIA PEDIA magazine, no 3-4, 1979

"...Seven short tales written plainly, with closely-knit and vivid word. Every single tale offers a different message, gives a moral that comes out of the story plotting with no didacticism, exactly as it happens in the folk tales by which, of course, the authoress is fairly influenced".
Vito Angelopoulou, E KATHIMERINI newspaper - 31.5.1979

"...The narration flows and the style is plain, with a childish air and a sense of humour being diffused".

"...A prize-winning authoress includes seven short stories on various themes explaining some aspect of nature or human behavior. Good for reading aloud".
BOOKLIST - USA, 15.4.1989

"A collection of tales that manage to combine the folktale elements with the problems and needs of today. In this way, we can realize how the folktale - such a narrative pattern - can maintain, even in our days, the place which has always belonged to it".
Manos Kontoleon, UNICEF and the World magazine - Spring 1994

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