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"Paschalia kai Paschalitsa" (The Lilac and the Ladybird)
Psichogios, 2009. 10th edition 2021. 48 pp
Illustrator: Giorgos Sgouros
ISBN: 978-960-453-518-7

When a little ladybird lands on a lilac after a big storm, the lilac wants to adopt it and take care of it. The ladybird is so happy to have such a wonderful mother, but the snail, the worm and the cherry tree disagree. They say that the lilac can’t be its mother, because the two of them have nothing in common. Will the small insect be influenced by them? Or will it live happily with its new mother?


«… tender,     beautifully illustrated, that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.»
Angeliki Varella, Diadromes quarterly, Spring 2009

“… A small insect loses its mum and a Ladybird adopts it. “I’ve never heard of that before”, the snail said, “an insect to be a plant’s child”, “I’ve really never heard of that”, the worm said, too. “Your colours are not alike”. “That’s a big mistake”, the cherry-tree shouted. However, the only thing that matters is love either a child has been born in a family or adopted by it. Thus, the Lilac offers its love and name to the little Ladybird and we are given the opportunity to read a tender story with the Lilac and the Ladybird”.
Mary Birbili

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