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"Enas minas san olous tous allous" (A Month Like Any Other)
Psichogios, 2008 - 5rd edition 2021. 46 pp.
Illustrator: Μaro Alexandrou
ISBN: 978-960-453-330-5
Translated into English by Dominique Sandis. Psichogios, 2008. 46 pp
ISBN: 978-960-453-408-1

The twelve months, like young children, played catch in Grandfather Time’s garden. But then one day misfortune fell when February had an awful accident and hurt his leg. He would no longer be able to run for thirty whole days as he had done before… So, he was excluded from the other months’ games. Yet, no-one was happy any more. Everybody was missing disabled February, until a solution was found and he was brought into the months’ games again.


«… Ιt constitutes a “model” for the writing of short stories which “aim” at knowledge but they can also be aesthetically complete. One more virtue: most of the children’s literature stories referring to the acceptance of the Other make that Other perform outstanding deeds so as to become accepted. In this case, February also performs outstanding deeds but after it has been accepted and without having been asked to!»
Yiannis S. Papadatos, DIAVAZO magazine, June 2008

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