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"Ta Hristougena tis asimofilis elias" (The Christmas of the Silver-Leaf Olive Tree)
Psichogios, 2007 - 2nd edition 2008. 48 pp.
Illustrator:Christos Dimou

The most valuable and blessed tree of a slope is the silver-leaf olive tree. All of the rest trees love and admire it. This is why they get angry when they learn that firs are decorated as Christmas trees. All of them are sure that the olive tree would certainly deserve to be the Christmas tree. One night however, the moon will help them to understand and think about whether they should be happy or sad because of the olive tree's luck.


“Good Christmas books are the ones that can be read after Christmas days as well, in other words, throughout the whole year. And this book will surely nest in children’s hearts…”
Vagelis Iliopoulos
ELEFTHEROS TIPOS ON SUNDAY newspaper, Dec. 9, 2007

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