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"Ena kouki kai dyo revithia kanoun tria paramythia" (One bean and two chickpeas make three fairy tales)
Patakis, 2006. 44 pp.
Illustrator: Filomila Vakali-Syrogiannopulou
ISBN: 960-16-1736-1

The author, as a contemporary story-teller, narrates three Greek folk tales - one in prose and two like a song - in her special way. Through these stories, the readers travel to the land of marvels and popular wisdom, while they meet people from the past that are much alike people of today.


“Someone admires how a talented authoress can make old stories narrated by old storytellers appear new as well as give them a breath of creation. You can read these stories and forget all about your problems, as a little child would do; you can even dream about them…A writing style that flows and captures the reader that will surely enjoy it. Coloured illustration that successfully embellishes the text”.
Galatia Grigoriadou-Soureli
DIADROMES magazine, issue 85 – Spring 2007 

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