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"To Pascha tis nonas Helonas (Granny Tortoise' s Easter)
Patakis, 2006 - 9th edition 2019. 32 pp.
Illustrator: Georgos Sgouros
ISBN: 960-16-1842-2(hardback) 978-960-16-5575-8 (paperback)

Mr. Hare is arrogant like his grand-grand-grandfather, who was beaten by a tortoise in an ancient running race, according to an Aesop's myth. Mr. Hare now declares that his Easter red eggs will be the best and the stongest! But granny Tortoise will give him the lesson he deserves, as her grand-grand-grandmother did in the ancient times.


" joyful, witty Easter story that will amuse equally children and grown-ups".
Angeliki Varella
DIADROMES Magazine, n. 21, Spring 2006

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