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"Paramythia tis agapis" (Love fairy tales)
Patakis, 2005. 44 pp.
Illustrator: Katerina Veroutsou
ISBN: 960-16-1555-5

Based or inspired from the Greek tradition, these tales speak of the power of love and take the reader to the land of miracles and fantasy.


" ...Delightful stories! They reminded me of the best folk tales,
as they have their simplicity and aphoristic wisdom".
Heraklis Kallergis, Professor Emeritus, Patras University
Patras, 13 December 20505

"... �hese three stories are linked together not only because they speak
about the value and the strength of love, kindness and courage, but because
they are narrated in a "folk tale" way and language, which the author wields
Tasoula Tsilimeni, Lecturer at the University of Thessaly
IMERISIOS KIRIKAS newspaper (Larissa), 29 December 2005

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