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"Nyhtes Christougenon ke Protochronias" (Christmas and New Year's Eve Nights)
Psichogios, 2004. Saitis 2018. 58 pp.
Illustrator: Maria Baha
ISBN: 978-960-487-350-0

A very angry little star does not want to play the role of a shepherd and go to the crib to adore the newborn Jesus. A Santa Claus, who does not seem as old as he should be, finds it very difficult to set up a play-spacecraft in the garden of a young boy. And twelve children, who visit their granny in a small village for the Christmas Holidays, look for twelve hidden goblins. These are the themes of three Christmas stories included in this book.

"Three tender stories about Christmas and New Year's Eve legends."
7 MERES TV �1.1.2005

“…Three separate stories with special heroes and unexpected ends. A wonderful book that will keep company to children of all ages at Christmas, inviting them to discover and experience the timeless, true meaning of the holiday”.
Angelina Papathanasiou

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