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"Tris fores ki enan kero" (Thrice Upon a Time)
Ekdosis ton Filon, 1977, 2nd edition Patakis, 1986 - 15th edition 2019. 74 pp.
Illustrator:  Petros Zamebelis and Anna Mendrinou
IBBY Greece Award
ISBN: 960-293-110-8 (hardback), 978-960-16-2613-0 (paperback)

Broadcast in Greece (EIR), Cyprus (RIK), and Sweden (Sveriges Radio)

A three-part story about an imaginary tiny planet where Smarty lives with his friends. This planet is called Follyland and a lot of odd things happen there: Grown-ups create problems making their lives difficult and dangerous; they pollute the environment; they arm themselves with weapons and fight with each other. Then Smarty and his friends decide to take action...


"Original writing that fascinates children's thinking, well-looked-after edition and appealing illustration... The space world, in this work, with its "earthly" substratum arouses child's interest."
H.L. MACEDONIA newspaper, 10 Feb. 1978

"An exceptional book for children that is gracefully illustrated... The author keeps up her noble national work offering to Greek children pure food of love and wisdom, respecting the truth of life, the truth of dreaming, and children's freedom."
EFTHINI magazine - no 74, February 1978

"Three vertebrate tales about contemporary issues in excellent illustration."
RIZOSPASTIS newspaper - 2 Feb. 1978

"This book impressed us with its wealth of humanity and imagination."
Dimitris Yiakos, HELLENIC-BELGIAN INSPECTION magazine no 18-21/1978

"It is really contemporary and it is really a tale."
Calliopi Moustaka - 13 Feb. 1978

"Really original tales... They talk neither about dragons and witches nor about princes and kings nor about palaces and treasures. They are tales made up from a contemporary man's imagination that has realized and thus, wants to stress the problems that the thoughtless application of technology achievements caused to humanity..."
Vito Angelopoulou, E KATHIMERINI newspaper - 9 March 1978

"... This tale stands out for its subject originality, the ingenuity of the incidents and the consonant to our days' spirit writing... Both children and adults will love this book."
K.P. Demertzis, NEWSLETTER of the Circle of the Greek Children's Book 1978

"I read it with great interest not because of its fertile imagination and style but for its pedagogic value too."
M.I.Maratheftis, Principal of Teachers' Training College of Cyprus - 26 April 1978

"Those stories are not mere tales that their only purpose is to amuse children. On the contrary, they offer us a complete image of today's society... It's good for children to learn to read such books that state the truth about the world and its problems. It is only in this way they will mature and work in favour of the social welfare."
Rozi Nicolaidou - Student in the A-grade, Junior High School Class,
MATHITIKO EMIS magazine by the Hestia of New Smirni, no Dec.1978 - Jan. 1979

"This excellent book consists of three tales... Plainly and vividly written, they spirit us off to an imaginary planet..."
IKOGENIA KAI SCHOLIO magazine, Cyprus - February 1979

"... A charming tale, an imaginary story that its conception reminds us of Aristofani's Nefelokokkygia or The Little Prince by Saint Exypery."
Oi Ekdoseis ton Filon Publications - 1979

"... I loved it, I loved it, it's one of the best fairy-tales I've ever read. I am going to show it for the children's department at the Radio and I hope they will translate it into Swedish and read it on the air. I want it to be spread out over the whole world..."
Ingela Schyller
Sveriges Radio, Stockholm, Sweden
9 November 1979

"... I loved reading this story and thought it was wonderful. It is no surprise that it won the Greek Circle Award. It was a delight and would make a wonderful animation!"
Cecily Truett, WPBT T.V., New York
January 1980

"This book distinguishes itself from the others... It probably seems to be for little children, but it's for big ones as well. Serious and enjoyable, it immediately draws children's attention."
Alkis Theodorakis - Student in the 6th grade Primary School Class DIAVAZO magazine - May/June 1982

"I'm sure that children will really enjoy this book and will learn how to speculate well on the more serious human problems even from their early age."
Nikos Katikos, NEI KERI newspaper, Karditsa - 21 June 1986

"A contemporary tale that entertains children, while, at the same time, it gives them the image of modern life and a taste of the burning problems of our humanity."
MESIMVRINI newspaper, 1 July 1986

"... The authoress does not confine herself to "accusations" against the modern world sufferings. By the means the genuine tale provides her, fertile imagination, but mainly, owing to her knowing children's soul and their spiritual needs, she proceeds to creative transcendence of mere judgments, courageous confrontation of the problems, arming children with optimism, hope and faith in life, elements that are necessary for their inner and spiritual health."
GNOSI KAI GNOMI - Magazine of the Scientists' Association of Karditsa Prefecture
-Vol. 6, Karditsa 1987

"... The fable gives rise to many correspondences to contemporary reality on earth, and this is why this book is worth reading. The action plotting, the dialogue and its artistry make it unique."
DIADROMES magazine - no 6, Summer 1987

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