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"To louloudopedo" (The flowerchild)
Minoas, 2004. 30 pp. (Out of print)
Illustrator: Michael Kountouris
ISBN: 960-699-042-7

"To louloudopedo kai alles istories" (The Flowerchild and Other Stories)
Psichogios 2013, 64 pp., 2nd ed. 2019.
Illustrator: Emilia Konteou
ISBN: 978-618-01-0222-2
ISBN ebook: 978-618-01-0223-9

Anthie's granny, who called her "my flower", passed away some days ago. "Forever" said the grownups. Anthie does not like this "forever". She is upset and feels so very, very sorry. Then she has an idea: If she could turn into a real flower, maybe granny would be so delighted that she would decide to come back. So Anthie prays to all the good fairies she knew from the fairytales and tries again and again to be transformed into different flowers, over the night. No success! Yet finally granny will be with Anthie forever in another way.


"Anthie, being a little kid, knows how to overcome heart's issues and matters: she creates her own world where her grandma is present and whispers sweet words to her through the wind... An awarded authoress who has offered a lot to children's literature."
Nikos Dokas and Vassilis K. Kalamaras,
ELEFTHEROTYPIA newspaper, 'Vivliothiki' inset, 10.12.2004

"A book that familiarizes children with the feeling of loss in the most 'proper', affectionate and pedagogic way."
NOUSPAPER 8, Winter 2004/05

"The popular and experienced author L.P.-A. offers children a text that will help them approach the difficult issue of death through the fairy tale world".
International Youth Library of Munich

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