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"To dikroko avgo" (The double yolk egg)
Patakis 2003, 2nd edition 2006
Illustrator: Natalia Kapatsoulia
ISBN: 960-16-0696-3

A big strange egg is born in a farm. On its shell is written: «To be given to whoever deserves it». And all the animals - the cock, the hens, the hare, the rabbit, the duck, the dog, the donkey, the horse, the cow, the goat and the sheep - try to find out which animal is the greatest, in order to be given the strange egg. But they get nowhere, until they get some help from the owl, the wise bird.


"...What really impresses and subverts what actually happens in our everyday lives is the fact that none of the animals thinks of itself worth receiving such an honour (could there have been a more theological question?). And independently of what each of the animals thinks of being important for it - beauty, utility, power, intelligence etc - in the end, it realizes that all these characteristics only constitute details of a whole that is life itself. A truly smart answer! The most important thing, though, is that children are presented with such great truths in an exceptionally simple way. A lesson to be taught to anyone who wants to be called 'author'..."
Zoe Kanava, Athens, 5.4.2003

"...The well-known authoress offers us one more sample of the quality of her work. A story written in high spirits with rich illustrations that will make children enjoy it. A story that will also make young children feel more self-confident about their abilities, whatever these are."
DIADROMES magazine, No. 13 - Spring 2004

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