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"I zavolies tou zavolinou" (Mischivino's Mischief)
Patakis 2002 - 2nd edition 2004 (out of print)
Illustrator: Nicholas Andrikopoulos
Illustration Award, Circle of the Greek Children's Book
ISBN: 960-16-0540-1

Once upon a time, all the dwarfs lived together in a land of their own. Each dwarf had his own little house surrounded by a big orchard, where he would grow flowers and vegetables among the trees. The dwarfs lived in harmony and never quarreled. Only one, named Mischivino, was always getting into mischief. In the contest for the best garden, Mischivino used his tricks to win the award for the best apple-tree, best rosebush and tallest cypress-tree. However, his tricks will eventually be revealed, and Mischivino will have to decide whether to admit that he cheated or to leave the land of the dwarfs forever.


"...You will get pleasure from an enjoyable fantasy written by the well-known authoress, Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou. Do not forget to pay attention to its great illustrations!"
Yiannis Papadatos
UNICEF and KOSMOS (UNICEF and the WORLD), no. 50, Autumn 2002

"...In a world that mischief and tricks are acceptable and almost nobody pays attention to illegal actions, this tender fairy tale, illustrated by Nicholas Andrikopoulos, reminds us that we can always find effective ways to deal with injustice. The authoress, prolific and the winner of many prizes as she is, knows children's psychological world as well as the way she can get close to her young readers and make them love books. Her narration reminds us of those old fairy tales grandmas used to say as well as Andersen's classic tales. She shapes characters while, at the same time, she conveys messages both to children who like playing tricks to others and those who become the objects of such tricks."
ELEFTHEROS TYPOS newspaper, 15 December 2002

"...One more book by the authoress whose distinguished writing manages to make the reader 'take off'... A story that touches upon love, which makes people able to forgive and leads to the redemptory power of repentance. Nicholas Anrikopoulos' fascinating illustrations highlight the whole fairy tale atmosphere the authoress has created for the sake of her narration."
Tasoula Tsilimeni, Lecturer in the University of Thessaly
THESSALIA newspaper, 20.1.2003

"...Mischivino's Mischief, also having a great typographical appearance, is a book read with great interest. It is also an excellent sample of the unique mission that children's literature has undertaken so as to both charm and implicitly teach the children."
Zoe Genakou, Professor in the University of Crete, January 2003

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