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"I foni ton zoon" (The voice of the animals)
Patakis 2002 (out of print)
Illustrator: Natalia Kapatsoulia
ISBN: 960-16-0362-

The rooster, the hens, the cat, the donkey, the dog and the lamp feel sorry for the horse because it has no "voice". Together with the cuckoo, the sparrow and the duck they decide to give him some of theirs. The owl, wise bird that she is, does not agree but the other animals take no notice of her. Instead they go ahead with their plan to give the poor horse a "voice". With each one giving a sound ... a "kikirikoo" here, a "cuckoo" there, some "miaw", a "woof... woof", they manage to create a voice for the horse. But nature knows what it's doing and has given every creature the voice best suited to it.


"... Despite the wise owl's objection, some animals made up an elaborate voice for the horse, because they thought it needed it. Children will enjoy this story, as they can add more animals to the catalogue of those who want to offer a voice to the horse. And surely children will join the owl, in its effort to make the animals change their mind."
Yiannis Papadatos, UNICEF kai KOSMOS magazine - No 48, Spring 2002

" ... a wonderful humorous story, evolving through the gradual addition of another animal and another voice. Children will enjoy it and, at the same time, they will have the opportunity to think what the owl, the wise bird, has said: Nature has given every creature what it really needs."
Eleni Sarantiti, ELEFTHEROTYPIA newspaper - 12 July 2002

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