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"To helidoni kai i petalouda" (The swallow and the butterfly)
Patakis, 2001 - 7th edition 2011. 40 pp.
Illustrator: Theodoros Syrogiannopoulos
ISBN: 960-16-0262-3

Three young swallows get ready for their first flight. Two of them take to flying straight away but the third refuses to even try. He thinks that his mother wants to teach him to fly so as to send him away. Then he meets a colourful butterfly who becomes his best friend. Well, one day the butterfly will fly far away and the little swallow must make up his mind whether to conquer his fear or lose his friend for good.


"... a piece of fantasy that stresses the value of friendship and the courage we need in life."
PEDI KAI NEOI GONEIS (Children and New Parents) Magazine - April 2002

"... In this book a butterfly helps a scared swallow to fly for the first time... Through a successful, indirect way, the story refers to the continuous effort needed to achieve a goal, and stresses the value of mutual assistance".
Yiannis Papadatos, DIAVAZO magazine, No 430, June 2002

"...It is the authoress' enjoyable and succinct writing style as well as the presentation of the story through aesthetically high illustrations that lead children to a nice trip in the world of imagination giving them the opportunity to learn about the power and worth of friendship and how to effectively deal with their fears."
ETHNOS newspaper - Sunday, 18 August 2002

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