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"I ikogeneia tou iliou" (The family of the Sun)
Patakis, 1998 - 5th edition 2007. 80 pp.
Illustrator: by the author with collages
Distinction :
State Prize for Children's Literature 1999
ISBN: 960-600-420-1(hardback), 978-960-16-5522-2(paperback)

Translated into Korean
, Haenara 2002

Does the Sun have a family? Of course, just as people do. The Sun himself confided it to the author and asked her to write about his adventures. How he married a beauty called Atmosphere, and how they had two children, Light and Day. What joys and worries he and his wife experienced until their children grew up... How the children married in their turn, who the son and daughter-in-law of the Sun were, what a fuss there was, and what mischief the grand-children born later got up to...click here

This is the picture the Sun has sent to Loty.


"...modern, full of imagination, a tale that is illuminated, full of marriages, great births, major events. A tale where tale-like elements are harmonized with the mythological ones and the elements of visible reality, too".
Eleni Horeanthi, SYNERGASIA magazine, no 36, Winder 1998-99.

"A nice tale by the educated Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou. Maybe, one of her most charming works. It talks about her own - tale-like - version as far as the creation of the Universe is concerned... The illustration of collage made by the authoress herself is also remarkable."
Eleni Sarantini, ELEFTHEROTIPIA newspaper, 18.12.98

"Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou manages through her last book The family of the Sun to pleasantly surprise her readership. And this happens because she deals with such a commonplace subject like the sun in a unique way. Moreover, we should underline the fact that the experienced authoress, through the book stories, touches with artistry and sensitivity on "burning" issues, like parents' relationships with their children, divorce, reference to technology etc. The family of the Sun is embellished by impressive collages that the authoress herself has created".
Giota Kougiali, E THESSALIA newspaper, 28.2.99

"The authoress sets up a mythology on her own and links, with an exceptionally imaginative way, planets, stars, and natural phenomena. Through a way of writing that is trenchant and particularly well-looked-after, with the help of an impressive illustration (of the collage technique), the readers discover that even in our days, days of technology and automatism, there is prospect to view the internal dynamics of the things surrounding us".
Manos Kondoleon, THE WORLD-UNICEF magazine, no 37, Spring 1999

"An exquisite book in fascinating language that will fill the young and older friends of good books with enthusiasm. This book enchants and carries you to the beautiful world of creation, adventure and imagination".
Maria Pyliotou, O FILELEFTHEROS newspaper, Nicosia 17.6.1999

"A unique book that touches, in tactful way, on values that bother a contemporary child, like equality between the two sexes, racism, divorce... The illustration is of the author herself. Through the collage technique, she sets up pictures, creates unique compositions that harmonically blend with the brilliant content of the book".
Tasoula Tsilimeni, PIERIKI ANTILALI newspaper - 3.3.2000

"...The natural phenomena, linked to the entity of the sun and the movement of the earth around it, are effortlessly given via the plot of the tale. Parallel with this type of knowledge, the authoress does not fail to convey her messages too... Her narration is distinguished about its smooth style, the prompt pace, the essential and vivid dialogues and moreover, the authoress' ingenuity in the way she uses several phrases... A tale ... of fertile imagination and brainwaves, which also includes classical tale elements... The illustration of The family of the Sun is particularly rich and particularly artistic. Whole compositions which show that the authoress has a very good command of the collage technique... The individuals on the pictures are mostly taken from Greek mythology and the ancient-times world".
Vito Angelopoulou, PERIPLOUS Magazine, Issue No.50/2001

"... This book works in two levels. It forms a tale-like cosmogony and at the same time, it presents the social relationships among the members of a contemporary family. It is written in particularly well-looked-after language with humour, imagination and literary mood and thus, it is offered for multiple readings. In order the child to understand how the world is created as well as the social relationships tussle, the authoress uses not only verbal humour but circumstances humour too... The family of the Sun is an enjoyable book, one more remarkable deposition by the authoress throughout her overall twenty-five-year offer that has already distinguished herself in the domain of Children and Youth's Literature."
Anta Catsiki-Givalou, Professor, University of Athens
From the book Penelope’s Weavingdiachronic readings for Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou’s works and personality. Word and Culture Laboratory, University of Thessaly: Volos 2008

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