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"Ton kero ekino" (At That Time)
Patakis, 1991. 5th edition 2004. 40 pp.
Illustrator: by the author with collages, according to the Byzantine tradition
Greek Society of Christian Letters prize
ISBN: 960-16-0356-5

Broadcast in Athens (Greek Church Radio)

Four parables from the Gospel according to St. Luke (The Unwise Rich man, The Prodigal Son, The Good Samaritan, The Publican and the Pharisee) retold in the form of tales for young children. Birds, trees, and animals are included in the narration. Nature is present either as an example or as an observer. Thus, apart from the eternal meanings of the parables, some ecological messages can be drawn from the Gospel's endless wealth of wisdom and love.


"The authoress, with her substantial presence in the field of Children and Youth's Literature, chose four of the parables and narrates them as tales, adding elements from the Greek folklore tale literature. In the plastic composition of the illustration she made herself there are Byzantine elements deriving from hagiographies and photographs from churches or monasteries. Another asset of the edition is the offer of the excerpts juxtaposition from the Gospel according to St. Luke. It is in this way that young readers' familiarity with the roots of our language is succeeded, something that our educational system does its best so as not to achieve..."
Eleni Papasotiriou, MESIMVRINI newspaper - 3.5.1991

"An attractive book of large shape illustrated with beautiful pictures made of the authoress using the collage technique. One more valuable offer by the distinguished litterateur to children. It is about 4 Christ parables written in such a simple, but also fascinating way. The texts are suffused by poeticalness and the beauty of the word given in simple style and plain language".
Maria Pyliotou, PEDIKI HARA magazine - no 8 (239) Vol.12 Nicosia, May-June 1991

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