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"Istories gia pehnidi ke yelio" (Stories to Play and Laugh)
Kabanas, 1990. 2nd edition Psychogios 2002, 8th edition, 2011, 12th edition 2020. 42 pp.
Illustrator: Polina Papanikolaou
ISBN: 960-274-670-

Funny short stories about school life with language games and exercises.


Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou, through the humorous texts of this collection, offers an original way for a child's more profound contact with the words. What happens if we change a verb with its opposite in a sentence? What is the meaning of our sentences, if we take away some of their syllables? All these are presented in a cheerful, original way and make the readers able to understand that language is a living organism which, although it can play, it does not allow violent interventions in its structures."
Manos Kondoleon, DIADROMES magazine - no 18, Summer 1990

"...A book title that does not deceive the reader: the authoress skillfully narrates stories for playing and laughing. Artfully, by adding or taking out syllables, she creates an atmosphere of joy as well as learning. She invites the reader to join in so as not only to play but learn new things as well. Game stories that you can enjoy with friends or alone..."
Galatia Soureli
DIADROMES magazine, no. 910, Spring Summer 2003

"You will surely play and have fun with this creative book by the well known authoress..."
Yiannis S. Papadatos, Literature reviewer, Educator
UNICEF KE O KOSMOS (UNICEF and the World), no. 53, Summer 2003

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