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"A series of 4 books: Istories me tous 12 Mines" (The 12 Months Stories)
Ta pedia tis anixis (The Children of Spring)
ISBN: 960-293-365-8 (paper back) 960-293-393-3 (hard cover)
Ta pedia tou kalokeriou (The Children of Summer)
ISBN: 960-293-366-6 (paper back) 960-293-394-1 (hsard cover)
Ta pedia tou fthinoporou (The Children of Autumn)
ISBN: 960-293-367-4 (paper back) 960-293-395- (hard cover)
Ta pedia tou himona (The Children of Winter)
ISBN: 960-293-364- (paper back) 960-293-392-5 (hard cover)
Patakis, 1988, 21th edition 2021. 40 pp. each
Illustrator: by the author with collages
Women Literary Association Award

Broadcast in Greece (ERA-2, Athina-9,84)

(From The White Ravens-1988 and 1989, published by the International Youth Library in Munich):
"The author tells the story of the months to fulfill a wish or their grandfather, the Year.... Four volumes for each of the seasons, full of imagination, attention to detail, and composure, which make reading a pleasure for young and old alike"


"In four books - as many as the seasons - the well-known authoress narrates with originality, humour and imagination the stories of the months... The children-months living in the ethereal country of their grandfather, the Year, experience the same sorrows and the same joys like children down on earth. Their lives are similar to people's lives, but they also remind us of many of the things we already know about each month via tradition. However, everything here is told in a new way combined with contemporary elements. All four books have many and impressive full-page colourful pictures made of collage by the authoress herself who presents an obviously hard and meticulous work of fascinating outcome. These masterly books refer to all children of the world, from 6 years old up to 70, 80..."
EXORMISI newspaper - 18.12.1988

"The well-known to Children's Literature world Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou innovates at everything. Being ahead of the already known motifs, she personifies the without beginning, the elusive Time. She subjects it to the human rules and metamorphoses it into months' grandfather. To each of his grandchildren, he gives the physiognomy with which we meet it. The whole procedure happens with plentiful imagination and affluent lyricism".
Women's Literary Association "30 Years Offer" - 1988

"...What the authoress manages is to create a contemporary "mythology" of the daily natural phenomena - phenomena that nowadays have good luck (or bad luck) to be scientifically explained. However, science has not been able to solve, on its own, the problem of human expression. Our technological age had the absolute need of imagination joint action. Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou presents an aspect of such contribution of imagination. At this point, we should point out the tasteful edition of the four books that their illustration (based on the art of collage) is signed by the authoress herself, presenting, in this way, another dimension of her artistic sensibilities."
Manos Kontoleon, I AVGI TIS KIRIAKIS - 22.1.1989

"...they offer resourceful imagination, assimilated traditional Greek lifestyle, emotive vividness through the personification of everything, lyricism, psychognosis, and refined modern Greek Word of exemplary ethos and style. Indeed, it is an offer of high demands in the sensitive field of Children's Literature. The authoress herself made the successful illustration of it out of collage with sensitivity and enthusiasm. Her pictures harmonize with the text reality... A well-written and perfectly printed book that can amaze even the most demanding reader".
Ioannis G. Theoharis, PROINOS LOGOS newspaper, Ioannina - 2.2.1989

"As far as its content but as well as its illustration is concerned, the book reached the boundaries of perfection... I believe that nobody could ever illustrate a book more vividly, more realistically, more lyrically and more charmingly..."
M. I. Maratheftis, Philologist-Pedagogue
fmr Principal of Teachers' Training College of Cyprus - 27.2.1989

"Each month has its own traits... It is these traits that Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou uses by including them in the humanizing characters of the three months of Spring... The reader - either young or old - is thrilled with the authoress' brainwaves and enjoys her plain as well as her sensitive style of writing".
Manos Kontoleon, DIADROMES magazine, no 13 - Spring 1989

"Even from its introduction, we understand the dream-like way the authoress chose to talk to us about the three children of Summer. Things that happen during those three months... they are explained, they come to life in such a real as well as visionary way, something that only authentic art and technique can manage. The illustration is of the author herself and does not only attend the text properly, but it also gives it its full dream-like dimension".
Galatia Grigoriadou-Soureli, DIADROMES magazine, no14 - Autumn 1989

"...In the Children of Autumn the young readers will read about September who goes to school, about October's imagination, about November's promises and more other things, all written with fertile imagination and lyricism. However, it is the marvelous edition of the book that all, young and older readers, will enjoy with its fantastic pictures collage that offers children the incentive to work accordingly. It is an essential contribution to the cultivation of aesthetic learning".
V.D. Anagnostopoulos, DIADROMES magazine, no 15 - Autumn 1989

"Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou gets away off the standard forms and with poetic narration, fertile lyricism and imagination animates the Year with its children and grandchildren. She metamorphoses them into very close to us characters that move around us vividly, convincing us with mastery and humour about their "truthfulness". And all these in a colourful feast that is the work of her hands too".
Angeliki Varella, DIADROMES magazine - no 16, Winter 1989

"Fascinating texts full of charm and lyricism, where the months go by the bed of the year, each one with its own traits, whims, virtues and flaws, its oddities and... its phenomena! It is about stories with tale-like and real elements. Everything evolves in traditional atmosphere, through fertile and vivid dialogues. The knowledgeable elements, literature grace and artistic temperament are diffused and shed their scent in child's soul and its developing mind. The author herself made the illustration out of collage in an original and astonishing way, I would say unique, since such kind of creations are rare. I regard it as a model and proposal too for similar works intended for infants and children."
Thanasis Karagiannis, TO SCHOLIO KAI TO SPITI magazine, no 8/November 1989

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