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"Kanarini ke menta" (Canary and Mint)
Patakis, 1996, 17th edition 2020, 194 pp.
ISBN: 960-360-883-1

Apellis, 11-year-old, feels happy when he moves from the orphans' home, where he was living after the death of his family in a car crash, to stay with Klio, a young woman he believes is his auntie. But a secret conversation between Klio and her fiance, which Apellis overhears and misunderstands, upsets him so much that he decides to run away. He sets off to a risky wandering to dangerous places in Athens, until he learns that Klio is his birth mother. Yet more adventures will follow before he will finally find his way back home.

"... A novel for older children - and for adults - written in undertones but of high sentiments, as warm as love, as sacred as humanity. A case among those many cases unfolded behind the shut windows and the even more shut hearts every day. And a love, which despite the slips and the awkwardness, despite the practical obstacles, the removal, the hesitations, regrets and grieves, it can last. It can be strengthened. It can distinguish itself."
Eleni Sarantini, ELEFTHEROTIPIA newspaper - 4.12.1996

"...this work forms a model on writing novels intended for older children. It draws our attention and also makes us think about how life evolves around us. About the good and the bad side of things, people's falls and uplifts."
Mihalakis I. Maratheftis, Philologist-Pedagogue fmr Principal of Teachers' Training
College of Cyprus - 29.1.1997

"An original title for an exceptionally sensitive novel. The authoress has a good command of the Art of Word, of how a novel should be structured, of how the characters should be shaped in it. She is a master at it and she's proved it..."
Ant. Delonis, NOUMAS, no 48 - January-February 1997

"... a fascinating novel for older children and adults rising from the harsh reality of our days..."
ELEFTHERIA newspaper, Ioannina - 5.2.1997

"...a fascinating adventurous piece of reading of scale intensity in its plot and of real and admirable characters in their completion. In addition, the brainwave of the intercalated quotation of extracts (Papadiamantis') functions, at first, ideologically: they prove the power of both literature and the creator to the reader, and secondly, stylistically: they have partial connection with the whole scheming without, however, the real story to be tied up. In short, it's about a very significant novel on its subject, perfectly framed and moreover, exemplary in the handling of language."
DIAVAZO magazine - March 1997

"Loty Petrovits is of the authoresses who are particularly attracted by contemporary issues. In parallel, she has proved herself in historical and social issues as well. Her works embrace a particularly wide spectrum of problems, while, in parallel, they offer versatile action, interesting plot, and well-shaped characters. It is all those elements that we meet in Canary and Mint too. A text that is written plainly and vividly, full of everyday scenes which, however, do not lack rich emotions. Its structure is based on an original parallelism. Apellis, in his wanderings, will have Alexandros Papadiamantis as a companion and adviser. In the kid's rucksack there is a book of short stories by the writer from Sciathos island. Apellis' adventures are identified with what is happening in a Papadiamantis' short story. In this way, the little hero has somebody to give him substantial advice, while the reader has the opportunity to acquaint himself, in an indirect way, with the rich dynamics of the Greek language and literature."
Manos Kondoleon, E KATHIMERINI newspaper - 25 March 1997

"...the authoress attempts a really difficult undertaking: to compose a broad image of life by exciting the young reader's interest and, even more, to familiarize that specific reader with a great man of our literature tradition, Alexandros Papadiamantis. A well-written text that knows how to keep you in suspense and is read in a breath."
Katerina Douzeni, TO VIMA newspaper - 11 May 1997

"...it is the authoress' eighth novel and is inspired by the contemporary social reality. What, however, makes it very interesting is not only that, but the prompt unfolding of the tale with the power and smoothness that distinguishes the writing of Ms. Petrovits, who does not expends herself in exterior descriptions and other similar picturesquenesses, but remains near her heroes and their problems."
Costas Sardelis, NEA ESTIA magazine, vol. 142, no 1686, 1 Oct 1997

"...During my summer holidays I once more read Canary and mint, a novel written by the well-known authoress Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou (…) This novel has a number of narrative virtues. The yarn of narration of so many different events does not make the reader feel lost at all; on the contrary, the reader is always in suspense being ceaselessly interested in what is happening next. The plot is rigid and clear. The characters are well and fully rendered on a psychological basis, particularly the ‘marginalized gypsies’."
V.D. Anagnostopoulos
Professor, University of Thessaly

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