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"Tragoudi gia tris" (A Song for Three)
Patakis, 1992 - 20th edition 2019
Distinction: IBBY Greece Award
ISBN: 960-293-692-4

Could a song ever link the lives of three persons? This is something two close friends, Christina and Philippos, a girl and a boy of 14, will try to find out while preparing a school performance for the World War II Remembrance Day. They decide to meet some people who have lived through those hard years; to tape-record their memories of the Athens occupation by the Nazis, and the activities of the various Greek resistance groups. Their research will reveal the details of a tragic story and a secret still affecting the lives of its protagonists.

"... The author uses her powerful and clear way of writing, her ability to penetrate the soul, her historical knowledge, and more generally her genius as a writer, to sculpture the heroic profile of our tormented and proud people..."
Ioannis Theoharis, PROINOS LOGOS (newspaper) - Ioannina, 18 March 1992

"... Yet another novel by the well known author, who - with her perfect technique, wonderful language and flowing narration - manages to link the past with the present, whilst reviving a certain era and putting forward contemporary values. A Song for Three is also a book the heroes of which link it to other novels by Loty Petrovits, such as A House for Five, Wrong, Mr. Neuger! The Little Brother, etc. From one book to another, Loty Petrovits builds her own world, completes the picture of her own characters - creations of her literary imagination."
Manos Kondoleon, DIADROMES quarterly - Athens, Spring 1992

"... Through her new novel for adolescents, Loty Petrovits suggests a deeply human attitude towards the events that marked the recent past and still determine -to an extent- the present and the future."
DIAVAZO literary magazine, No 290 Athens, 24 June 1992

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