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  "Spiti gia pende" (A House for Five)
Patakis, 1987, 44nd edition 2021. 132 pp.
Illustrator: Efi Tsaknia
Included in the 1989 "Pier Paolo Vergerio" Honor List of the University of Padova
ISBN: 960-293-259-7

 Serialized for the Greek TV (Mega Channel) and filmed by Group Fudosha Inc., Tokyo
Translated into Japanese by Hamae Okamoto, Tokyo: Yugaku-Sha, 1990

ISBN: 4-8416-0458-8

(From The White Ravens - 1988, published by the International Youth Library in Munich):
Philippos is 12 years old. His mother Anna, a divorcee, marries the widower Orestes, who also has a son, the 9-year-olde Ares. The four of them move into a big house and soon a baby girl is born. Philippos and Ares record their experiences on tape. Orestes shares them with his friend on the telephone. Anna discusses them in letters to her sister. In this way the conflicts and above all the distrust between the two boys are represented from four points of view until the moment that the conflicts are solved...

"... I liked its language a lot. It is light and pleasant... It makes reading it easy... I liked the structure of the book."
Kira Sinou, KIFISSOS - monthly magazine, Kifissia, Athens, May 1987

"... I enjoyed the House for Five with my heart... It is tender, human, real, an everyday story but also an original one..."
Nitsa Georgeoglou, writer (Letter) - 10 September 1987

"... A house for five with parents who have been married before and stepbrothers. A situation that appears problematic when viewed with prejudice and fear. It is, however, nothing more than an ordinary story of cohabitation with five persons who share their time, their worries and a home. They also share their joys, their dreams and their love. Why should it be any different? They are after all a family."
EPIKAIRA magazine, Athens 16 July 1987

"... What make the book interesting are not only its topic but also its style of writing. Full of funny episodes and some tragic moments it brings the characters to life. Difficulties, problems and unexpected events are illustrated with humor; optimism and love for life finally prevails."
ANTI magazine, Athens, 14 August 1987

"... A topic original for its conception, but also modern for what it advocates. Loty Petrovits had the wonderful idea to expand this contemporary problem to a novel with a cinematographic structure. This way not only did she provide her career with a milestone, but she also provided our children's literature with a piece of work, which is youthful and refreshing."
DIADROMES magazine, No 7, Autumn 1987

"... What we can find in the House for Five is tenderness, thoughtfulness, optimism, psychological insights, humor and strong emotions, as well as an equally interesting plot and suspense. All these can be found in portions wisely considered by the author. "
Manos Kondoleon, DIAVAZO magazine, No 177, Athens, 28 October l987

"... The book House for Five was written for children over the age of nine and for adolescents. It could be useful to grown ups as well. It gives us the opportunity to stare at an oasis of life, which grew on top of the wreckage of two marriages. "
Ioannis Theoharis, PROINOS LOGOS (newspaper) Ioannina, 3 November 1987

"... The world described by the author remains undamaged despite numerous problems, showing that purity of the heart, a sense of family, dedication and selflessness lead to self-realization and happiness."
THE WHITE RAVENS - 1988, International Youth Library, Munich

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