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"Zitite mikros" (Boy Wanted)
Apostoliki Dιakοnia 1982, 1991. Patakis 2011, 4th ed. 2019, 198 pp.
Illustrator: Pavlos Valasakis
Women's Literary Association Award
ISBN: 978-960-16-4227-7

Broadcast in Cyprus by RIK

Christos, not yet 12 years old, decides to find a job to help support his family - his sick mother and his 17-year-old sister, Martha, who is working in a factory. His father, a seaman, has not been heard of for years. Christos wants to work in the evenings, so that he can go on attending school. He soon finds a job, but things will not be easy. Besides the money he earns, he will get acquainted with the wickedness and cruelty of people, beach of law, fraud, wrongdoings, intrigues... During these adventures even his life will be endangered. In the end, however, in spite of all the hardship and sorrow he will face, Chistos will feel ready to fight - for the long journey of life.

"... a novel for older children, in gentle and sound language, unbosoming of children's soul to the others - it is sensitive humanity and surpassing affection that pervade this enlightening book".
EFTHINI magazine - no 143, November 1983

"It's a novel of social content. The story becomes a cruel mirror of society unrevealing phenomena such as the lust for profit that goes so far as to committing a crime, smuggling, the exploitation of juveniles, the contrast between the poor and rich families. However, what mostly marks this book is its sound optimism and belief in God, man, life and struggle."
V.D. Anagnostopoulos, DIADROMES magazine - no 10, Summer 1988

"The authoress, without omitting the sad events, dangers and difficulties that lurk everywhere, makes our little hero to overcome obstacles in a childish but natural way, good-hearted spirit and a sense of responsibility… We believe that the book Boy wanted should be an acquisition for our libraries as it mirrors our era"
Rationale from the award the book received by Women’s Literary Team

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