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"Sto tsimentenio dasos" (In the Cement Forest)
Ekdosis ton Filon, 1981 - 64th edition 2021. 148 pp.
ISBN: 960-293-149-3

(From Booklist - USA, April 15, 1989, p.1478):
A 16-year-old "red riding-hood" encounters a "wolf" that slyly tries to destroy her, not with his sharp teeth, but with an initiation into the world of drugs.

"Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou with her Cement forest vividly shows what is really offered by such artificial paradises where several unscrupulous traffickers try to lure their unsuspecting victims. And it opens children's eyes to the danger that lurks. Knowledge protects".
Vito Angelopoulou, E KATHIMERINI newspaper - 25 June 1981

"An eloquent text that refers, through the licit means of literature, to the threat the youth face today. A book we should make sure that many children will read it."
EFTHINI magazine - September 1981

"Firmly worked-out, the whole novel offers us pages of quality that reveal knowledge of the teenage soul maze, of today people's psychism, an excellent writer, a forceful criterion of appreciation."
Ioannis G. Theoharis, Principal of Senior High School, PROINA NEA newspaper, Ioannina - 28 March 1981

"It's from those books you can't stop reading them unless you reach their end. A book that is biting, revealing, daring on the issue."
PROINOS LOGOS newspaper, Trikala - 19 Nov 1981

"Such books enlighten, support and balance the modern child who experiences the inconsistency and dangers of our era. And it is such books that found the faith that contemporary Children's Literature is able to play a more active role in our children's lives."
The bibliophile, NEI KERI newspaper, Karditsa - 19 Nov 1981

"In that forest, it is friendship, affection, humour, sadness, optimism that wander, held by an author who knows how to narrate stories to children."
Eleni Pampouki, TO RODI magazine - no 53, June 1982

"A book that does not only undertakes an issue alarmingly up-to-date but is also written in an interesting way. The reading of a book like this in the classroom will create a fruitful dialogue and will make children think seriously."

"The author, having knowledge of the teenage soul, offers us a sensational novel based on the old time-tested tale that functions warningly. She gives us a book that should be read by all children of 10 years old and above as well as by all the teenagers of our days."
Nikos Katikos, MAHI newspaper, Karditsa - 1 May 1985

"The well-established author handles, in that novel, an up-to-date and burning problem: drugs. Having an original plot with a tale that its evolution is interesting and especially with no signs of didacticism and slogans, she has already paved the way that other authors should follow as well..."
Antonis Delonis, DIAVAZO magazine - 17 Jul 1985

"It is with mastery that the author works out her tale. With no didacticism, the novel progresses full of interest and findings, holding the young but also the mature reader's interest unabated up to the end."
Galatia Soureli, DIADROMES magazine, Autumn 1986, no1

"It is from the sensational plotting of the story that warnings and valuable messages spring for today's child and teenager given through the licit means of art. For this book is, first of all, a complete novel that takes up its place among the select works of literature for children and teenagers of today."
GNOSI KAI GNOMI - Magazine of the Scientists' Association of Karditsa Prefecture - Vol. 4, 1986

"With great sensitivity and care, this novel touches on the burning problem of drugs. The author, having enough spice of humour but also being well versed in the world of drugs, its people, the way of approaching the young and their devastating results, she presents, through an original plot, a danger of our days. Deeply knowing adolescence, she appeals to all of the feelings that youth meet as well as the thoughts and speculations that bother them."
PILOTOS magazine. Thessaloniki - 26 Jan-8 Feb 1995

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