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“O horos tou mavrou pelargrou” (The black stork‘s dance)
Patakis 2019, 128 pp.
ISBN: 9789601683621

Grandpa disappears, his family is worried and Fanis, his 13-year-old grandson, thinks the worst. Searching around the house in case grandpa left a note, he discovers a notepad where grandpa had written the story of his turmoiled life. Could the reason for his disappearance lie in that notebook? Twists follow that surprise everyone, and Fanis together with his friend Anna learn things they have never imagined!


“…Through her tremendous story-telling skill applied in a novel with postmodern narrative characteristics, like mixing literary forms (diary-narration), moving in time and space, and embedding stories, the author brings to the forefront the issue of old age and gives the grandfather the role of protagonist in a far from typical or conventional way”.
Anta Katsiki-Guivalou
Professor Emeritus, University of Athens

“…With her multi-form narrative style, L.P.A. offers an interesting story rich in ideas and historical information. Adolescents and grown-ups alike will enjoy the way she sheds light onto historical events reaching the present day, and will definitely collect food for thought. Readers always benefit from historical narrations more so when these narrations come from a beloved person such as a grandfather”.
V.D. Anagnostopoulos
Professor Emeritus, University of Thessalia

«…Petrovits grasps the opportunity to speak of post-war Greece, the refugee wave, Cold War, moves of independence of various European nations. These constitute common themes in her novels, but what is new is the shading of light onto the difficulties of old age».
Manos Kontoleon

“…L.P.-A. narrates the personal story of a man but also provides an emotional account with social, value-laden and historical-political implications. The narrative strategy of indirect narration through a letter, interrupted by dialogues and events related to the dramatic search for the grandfather intensifies the reader’s interest.
Mary Birbili

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