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"To fili tis lykainas"(The she-wolf ‘s kiss)
Patakis 2016, 2nd edition 2018. 240 pp.
ISBN: 9789601667386

A mysterious, rather weird granddad spends a summer full of unusual events and adventures with his grandson. Part of their company is an allegoric female wolf, as well as a symbolic one, but also a living female wolf puppy! Both the unexpected events that occur and the real stories which granddad tells weave an unexpected plot, made of familial misunderstandings and social conflicts which granddad has experienced, and which are still influencing our world of turmoil.


“I adored that fabulous grandpa, a unique vehicle of global historicity. […] Although it appears to be a simple story that makes it an easy-to-read book, The she-wolf’s kiss is a complex and multi-dimensional work of art; a mature piece of art that exceeds the classical roman familial – a genre that, when it is well represented and together with a family story, encompasses the history of a country […]”
Alexandra Zervou, Professor of Children’s Literature and Classics in the Department of Primary Education – University of Crete
More information: http://fractalart.gr/to-fili-tis-lykainas/

[…]The she-wolf’s kiss is “a diamond in literature” that belongs to the collection of other precious literature gems which are resistant to time […] The way The she-wolf’s kiss has been written makes it a mosaic that its little pieces give birth to tears of happiness, life, pain and forgiveness while it also depicts those aspects of History that an adolescent or even an adult reader would never learn in another way. Loty Petrovits fascinates the reader once more and challenges him/her to get in touch with the rest of her pieces of writing […]”
Helena Artzanidou http://www.thinkfree.gr/123478-2/

[…] Petros Digos, Fragiskos’ grandpa, is actually the main axis of the story. What he has lived and experienced – either voluntarily or not – is an account of the 20th century… The relationship between the two generations is more than lively… as well as the presence of the little she-wolf. The urgent need in order the she-wolf’s life to be protected becomes the symbol of a basic and timeless value […]”
Manos Kontoleon http://www.culturenow.gr/47424/to-fili-ths-lykainas-loth-petrovits-androytsopoyloy-kritikh-vivlioy

“… Loty Petrovits has greatly offered to the world of Letters and mainly Children’s Literature and children’s books… The she wolf’s kiss. is a mature work and abundant in ideas, views, speculations and literature techniques. The reader, either young or older, will surely enjoy the authoress’ style of writing and get the best of quality and literary expression. …”
V.D. Anagnostopoulos, Emeritus Professor – University of Thessaly
Newspaper THESSALIA, 22.5.2016

[…] This novel could be characterised as something more than a review of the contemporary social and historical picture of Greece (…) Loty Petrovits’ latest book is a mature novel or bildungsroman … A convincing narration signed by the authoress who has made a hit with children-readers… The brainwave the authoress chooses in order to finish the story should be undoubtedly mentioned as it makes the narration to be a particularly convincing and credible one.
Tasoula Tsilimeni, Associate Professor – University of Thessaly
‘Diadromes’ magazine
page 83

“… Loty Petrovits goes on building a network of characters – actually, I do agree with Virginia Woolf who has claimed that literature is more or less a ‘moulding’ of characters – who compose the authoress’ personal theatre-company unfolded to the her readers book by book, till they become our relatives as it always happens with the classics’ heroes”.
Kostis Makris

“… Loty Petrovits’ new novel is one more fascinating ‘travelogue’ to knowledge, speculation on social problems and beautiful emotions… A novel for adolescents – an original one within its genre – that reveals unknown aspects in the authoress’ uniquely succinct way”.
Elli Dede http://stonasterismotouvivliou.blogspot.gr/2016/06/blog-post_24.html

“...written in an artistic way following a compact technique. It puts forward all-time great problems that human beings deal with regardless what the time and space framework or the social changes are. Most of the fundamental issues that concern human beings are touched on this book, such as personal and family relationships, future dreams, the war or the democracy abolition consequences, the disregard of human rights, values and ideals. The author conceives and captures all the deeper psychic drives – both the passion and essence of human life – offering to adolescents, κas well as older readers, a text of contemplation and sensitivity…”
Konstantinos D. Malafantis
Professor of Education and Literature in the University of Athens
e-Journal O anagnostis

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