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"Gia tin alli Patrida" (For Their Other Country)
Ekdosis ton Filon, 1978. 2nd edition Patakis, 1986 - 30th edition 2019. 152 pp.
Illustrator: Petros Zambelis and Anna Mendrinou
ISBN: 960-293-237-X

Somewhere, in today's world, in a country with an imaginary name, which is under an illiberal regime, there lives an old migrant family struggling to get away and return to the land of their fathers, "their other country" - a beautiful island, where people live free. After a lot of bitter experiences, dangers and hardships, the dream comes true. The family reaches the "other country" and a new life is about to start. But the dream lasts for a very short time. The island is being attacked by an enemy and a second uprooting his the family.

"Although he is ten years old, the little hero has already learnt what violence, oppression and war mean, and thus, he will feel ready to fight together with the children all around the world to build a new world, a liberal, fair and peaceful one".
Dimitris Giakos, E SCHOLIKI MAS THEMATOTHIKI - 7th vol., 1979

"If only there had been and were read by young people such well-written messages of peace and liberty."
Dimitris Manthopoulos, Drama, 2 March 1979

" A fabulous eulogy to the man who fights for a free country, who goes to all lengths for justice and peace among people, who feels love to surge up within him for all the world, every single man, every single creature on the earth. A sensational novel, full of genuine compassion."
Christos Colios, PNEVMATIKI CYPROS (CYPRUS) magazine, no 223 - April 1979

"Rough, impressive, cruel pictures of eviction, given after powerful observation, vivid spiritual tension of the heroes and great narrative power. Big moments when life shows its worth in events of heroism and sacrifice. The fight for freedom, peace, justice, for the values that give meaning to life, it fascinates."
Ioannis G. Theoharis, PROINA NEA newspaper, Ioannina - 14 March 1980

"The book is overrun by humanity and deep understanding of the human fate. And its word being sharp, aglitter and brave, in other words, real towards all directions."
V.D. Anagnostopoulos, TASIS KE EKSELIKSIS TIS PEDIKIS LOGOTECHNIAS Oi Ekdoseis ton Filon Publications - 1982

"Somewhere in a land of fantasy there is an old immigrant family suffering under an oppressive regime. Finally the family is able to return to the island of their ancestors. But the dream of happiness and freedom lasts only for a short time. The island is attacked by enemy forces and the family has to free again. Yet none despair. The protagonist of the novel, who at the age of ten has suffered greatly under violence, oppression and war, feels strong enough to flight for a world of freedom, justice and peace. The novel is based on real facts which the author has skillfully adapted for her story."
International Youth Library, Munich

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