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"Amiliti agapi” (Speachless love) "
Patakis, 2014, 3rd edition 2019. 160 pp.
ISBN: 978-960-16-5503-1

Three adolescents-Themis, Olga, Irene-three friends with different characters, different needs and expectations become an inseparable trio to deal with violence and cruelty caused to their social surroundings by bulling and neo-nazism. They will succeed in their efforts, but what will happens to the strong feelings that two of them keep a secret thinking they should remain unsaid? A story of true friendship and immense love.


“...The literary skill and author brightness, two features of the writer Petrovits-Androutsopoulou, are well known to her readers, be it adolescents or adults. In her new book one can enjoy  both […]. The emotional state of the heroes is described in a particularly truthful way; through the plot, the adolescent reader can interpret and comprehend several behaviors, get some answers in questions s/he may have had, and find  ways out in personal dead ends…”
Tasoula Tsilimeni, Associate Professor, University of Thessalia
DIADROMES e-magazine, No 14 -  Summer 2014

“… a hymn to friendship and true love. The prestigious authoress fascinated us from the very first pages once more. Kind-heartedness and sensitivity surge up from a book that can be read by both adolescents and adults with no breath…”
Litsa Psarafti

“… A book that is heavily related to friendship among adolescents as well as love… The authoress’ mastery in writing is exceptional while the plot of the story is one that only great authors can develop. We all know the level of difficulty in writing stories for children or adolescents”.
Eleni Beteinaki

“… The book is written with the freshness and impulse of young people’s way to deal with life. This is how it conveys its young heroes’ optimism but it also makes the reader speculate when his/her feelings and experiences revive…”
Tessie Baila

«… A literary story written by the great authoress Loty Petrovits… She is recording the contemporary reality of this generation and because of her mastery, the plot, the dialogues, the setting and the heroes are powerful and this is why the story ‘takes off’”
Helena Artzanidou

“The authoress knows where a talented girl’s speech can start and finish; a girl who is nothing more or less than what appears to be within this book: a sensitive, aware and deeply in love young girl that carries us away to her own world… Thus, the harmonious conjunction of fiction, structure, characters and language devise – that is what we are actually asking for – does exceed the making of one more love story for teenagers. It becomes a durable and resistant-to-time crossover book; in other words, a book for all ages”.
Kostis Makris

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