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"Sti skia tis prasinis vasilissas” (In the shade of the green queen)"
Patakis, 2012. 248 pp
ISBN: 9789601644899
Distinction: IBBY Greece Award, 2009. Shortlisted for the DIAVAZO Magazine Award, 2009, State prize 2009.

In the shade of the “green queen”, a thousand-year-old royal oak-tree, two adolescents, Ellie and her new acquaintance Miltos, get involved in a quite strange affair. Looking for a way out of the deadlock created, they also try to clear up their own feelings. At the same time, in parallel in-between chapters, the “green queen” narrates the fascinating story of her life over the centuries, as well as the story of her hamadryad, her adventures and her love affairs. Her narration illuminates the invisible sides of the story, while animating historical events and sufferings of the Greek people, from the mythical times up to the present.


“…A poetic history of Greece through the eyes of the oak and its Hamadryad. From the prehistoric years, myths and ancient times to the less known Byzantium and the ascetics who lived in the trees, the iconoclasms in Byzantium, hagiographies. […] The branches of history extend to the Turkish domination, the beginning of Revolution […] A shadowy forest, family tree branches that sustain and transfer the history of the country in a uniquely arty way, loyal and precise to the details and structure – Loty’s expertise–, poetic in its expression and style, lively and exciting in its accomplishment […] A great piece of literature, an in-depth piece of fine art that is full of inspiration. It can be read with great interest while it is also offered for multiple readings.” 
Poly Hatjimanolaki, writer - critic
Presentation of the book at Patakis Bookstore – 17.05.2012

“…a really powerful book, a classic book in the sense that it is time-resistant; it is about time, how time passes and how people go through it. It is also a classic book as it is made really carefully; with strength as well as covert passion […] It appears to be a historical novel. Although it is, such a label narrows its borders [...] The historical material is offered to the reader in the form of a continuous narration, a monologue on behalf of the oak that converses with the author […] the level of writing concerning the present time is determined and happens through excerpts – usually in the form of readings – from Papadiamantis’ short story “Under the royal oak” – leading the reader to an intertextual association about the title of the book [..] Literature criticism is poor in comparison to high-level literature. What a critic to put forth first? How can it substitute the majesty of writing for a scientific analysis that is studiously precise?..” 
Meni Kanatsouli, Professor, University of Thessaloniki
Presentation of the book during the 9th International Fair of Thessaloniki, 27.05.2012

“… A work of incomparable strength of narration that is the result of genuine inspiration as well as laborious historical research. Apart from the historical events, contemporary situations of everyday people who are motivated by dreams and hope take place within the pages of this book with vividness and historical knowledge. A lively and elegant style of writing that is full of strength. A book that is a “pleasure to read” and will be enjoyed both by adolescents as well as adults.” 
Litsa Psarafti
DIADROMES magazine, issue 106, Summer 2012

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