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Short Stories:
"O keros tis sokolatas" (Chocolate Time)
Patakis, 2007, 11th edition 2020. 90 pp.
Distinction: Shortlisted for the State Prize for children's literature 2008

This book contains short stories based on real events, true stories that may seem to be figments of mind like fairy tales. Hidden within the lines of this book, the reader can find a piece of modern history from the period of the Second World War.


“… Although a collection of short stories, this book seems to compose an elliptical novel. Action takes place in a unified narration time – the period of the Second World War and the German Occupation… I would describe the short stories of the collection as historical ones; not because they lack feelings and relationship descriptions (on the contrast, these appear strong and vivid) but because they register a whole period of time and its people … A mature piece of writing, thus, a simple, human and tender work of art.”
Manos Kontoleon
Dec. 9, 2007      

“… Ten short stories through which life shows its real character; a clear, resilient, smiling and sore character. It can sometimes be despondent as well… Short stories that can be part of our modern history. This book does not emotionally load the young reader because there are a lot of humoristic incidents, moments of happiness, descriptions of games among the children of the same neighbourhood… Loty Petrovits’s style of writing is, as it has always been, kind, lucid and low-profiled although it refers to tragic days; it is the child’s glance that softens them. Adult readers can also be particularly interested in these stories.”
Eleni Sarantini
ELEFTHEROTIPIA, Dec. 21, .2007 – Inset “Vivliothiki”.

“… The stories of the book are real. Despite their emotional loading, they are nostalgic and unforgettable because they have sealed life. And the way the authoress ends and “takes off” the book is great since she identifies chocolate with humanity.”
Angeliki Varella
DIADROMES magazine, issue 88, Winter 2007.

“The experiential pictures of the authoress, who has written important novels about the Second World War, contribute to the understanding of a period of time that human decency was tested. It is this decency that is imprinted on the pages of the short stories of the book… The brilliant handling of the chocolate finding is linked to moments of admiration, love, hunger and poverty, kindness and freedom. A book that plays the role of testimony and balances feelings against realism in the name of humanity beyond limits. It can also be read by adults in a breath.”
Yiannis Papadatos
DIAVAZO magazine, February issue 2008

“Loty Petrovits works at a difficult genre of literature, short stories, so as to every time get us in touch, with the help of only some pages, with important events and true stories which hide parts of our modern history … A tender and luscious book that acquaints us with an authentic world and makes us believe that “humanity has no nationality…”
Litsa Psarafti
INDEX magazine, February issue 2008

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