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"Ena angelaki sta Exarchia" (A Little Angel in Exarchia)
Psichogios, 2006 - 2nd edition 2009. 165 pp.
Distinction: Shortlisted for the DIAVAZO magazine award, 2007. Shortlisted for the State Prize for children's literature 2007
ISBN: 960-16-1200-9
Patakis, Athens 2021, 174 pp.
ISBN: 978-960-16-9613-3

The post World War II era in Greece revives in this book, through the experiences and everyday life of a family living in Athens during the difficult years of late 1940s and the decade of 1950s, which were strongly influenced by the Greek civil war. Having the social and political life of those years as a background, the author describes thrilling as well as hilarious events with objectivity, yet in a satiric and humorous way. She refers to real facts and narrates a true story in a fantasy cover, which keeps warm company to children and adults.


"It is within the historical framework of postwar Greece - a hard, at its beginning, as well as a seemingly carefree period of time afterwards - and through a number of intertextual cultural elements (literature, spiritual movements in general, cultural reality) masterly elaborated on the literature canvass that a family and its environment set off the character of the society. The authoress deals with history in such an objective way that her characters indirectly play an exemplary instructional role both on history level as well as on everyday and experiences basis. A social novel containing both biographical and autobiographical elements, full of emotions, (...) artistic writing, skilful binding of several techniques of narration, realism frugality and lively humor."
Yiannis S. Papadatos
DIAVAZO magazine, issue No 469, December 2006

"A novel full of emotions and soul exultation (...) that offers a fine view and acquaintance with important periods of time as far as the social development of this city and country during the 50's is concerned (...) An autobiographical book, seen through the eyes of a graceful young girl who lives in Exarhia area with her family. The arrival of a newborn sister, a baby that reminds of a little angel and comes to unfold both the family happy incidents - in contrast to the general losses - as well as other important events concerning the later development of the country."
Eleni Sarantiti
ELEFTHEROTYPIA (inset: Library: p. 30), 30 Dec 2006

"What is charming about this book - beyond its literature virtues - is the fact that the little angel really existed and it is through the pages of this book that Loty Petrovits-Androutsopoulou narrates real stories that the reader cannot stop reading."
KATHIMERINI, (inset: EREVNITES: p. 19), 30 Dec 2006

"... Loty Petrovits has again proved that she knows how to weave her stories using skilful techniques, carved language, vigorous characters, humour, realism and noble emotions. With that piece of work she makes one more step ahead in her long-lasting and successful career as an authoress . A real oasis, among the so many tasteless and dull makings that shower all readers. A book that needs to be included in all school libraries and surely young readers will enjoy it."
Litsa Psarafti, INDEX (magazine), no. 14, July-August 2007

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