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"Pios tha grapsei gia to skylo mas?" (Who Will Write about our Dog?)
Patakis, 1999 - 8th edition 2012. 144 pp.
Illustrator: Spyros Gousis
ISBN: 960-378-363-3

Olga, 10-year-old, tries to find a way to console her friend Apellis for the death of Kevis, their beloved dog, who had got too old. But how can she? Should she try to find a dog-decendant of Kevis? Or ask a children's writer to revive Kevis in a book? And which writer of all, since a "bookworm" friend of hers proposes in name more than a hundred and sixty of them? Olga gets confused. And until she makes up her mind, a lot of unexpected, tragic-comic events will take place.

"The authoress is well-known and multi prize-winning - one of the strongest pillars of our Children's Literature, well-established even outside the Greek borders. She has become well known for her rational writing that gives firmness and weight to her texts. Here, we have got one more typical sample of a well set-up story. Pages 99-111 are appropriate not only for game but for teachers who can research the "subject" of Children's Literature too. A well-written book that also serves the notion of friendship towards animals too."
Ant. Delonis, NOUMAS newspaper - February-March 2000

"...I enjoyed the spontaneous and resourceful way of writing? A particularly unusual presentation of Children's Literature authors, something which I believe will arouse children's interest for further studying."
Mihalakis I. Maratheftis, Philologist-Pedagogue fmr Principal of Teachers' Training
College of Cyprus - 15 March 2000

"...A well-written book that its story will keep your interest unabated up to the end? Read it!"
Maria Pyliotou, O FILELEFTHEROS newspaper - Nicosia, 6 Apr 2000

"Loty Petrovits instills, through the pages of her book, the love for animals, books, the man, the life itself. The reading of this book is multilevel: the circle of life being the warp - the flowers that grew at Kevis's burial place were transplanted in small pots and deluged gardens, verandas and balconies of relatives and authors- and a book for Kevis being the woof. Loty Petrovits traces the two routes that lead to "Immortality" and raise "Oblivion". A book-lesson of Life and Art."
Maria Tzaferopoulou, DIADROMES magazine - no 57, Spring 2000

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