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"O mikros adelfos" (The Little Brother)
Ekdosis ton Filon, 1976, 1981 - 3rd edition Patakis,40th edition 2018. 156 pp.
Illustrator: Pavlos Valasakis
Women's Literary Association Award
ISBN: 960-293-147-7

Broadcast in Greece by ERA-4.
Translated into Japanese by Hamae Okamoto, Tokyo: Yugaku-sha, 1988

ISBN: 4-8416-0491-X

An unfortunate incident during World War I separates 16-year-old Angelos and his brother Alexandros, of 12, from their parents. Angelos tries to bring the family together, but new adventures begin, when he is taken hostage to the enemy's country and the boys are torn apart.

"... A marvelous novel for children, written with deep humanity and grace..."
EFTHINI (monthly magazine) - Athens, June 1976

"... The dove of peace and the olive-tree branch emerge from the feelings of wild hatred between nations..."
MACEDONIA (daily newspaper) - Thessaloniki, 22 Oct.'76

"... Our children's literature has gained a rare book..."
T. Gosiopulos, MACEDONIA Radio, Thessasoniki, 22 Oct.'76

"... It could have made a wonderful film. However, what makes the book really special is its spirit. Sympathy and care for those who suffer, passion for peace and freedom, bitterness towards injustice, indignation at betrayal whatever the source. The objective viewing of facts and situations gives world wide dimensions to its content. It describes the horror of slavery, the strength and fortitude of those whose aim is to resist violence. A message of brotherhood and humanity beyond any linguistic or national barriers..."
Kalliope Moustaka, TO VIMA (newspaper)-23 Dec.1976

"...How could we label The Little Brother as a novel "for children" when it can be equally enjoyed by adults? In 150 pages and using the simple language of truth and reality, Loty Petrovits managed to combine the spirit of kindness with the spirit of heroism, the sense of patriotism with the sense of human brotherhood, History with Art, Depression with Optimism..."
Dim. Yakos, GREEK-BELGIAN Review, Issue 16-17/1977

"... It constitutes a brilliant combination of children's literature and appropriate education..."
M. Maratheftis, Director of the Teachers' Academy of Cyprus - Nicosia, 26 April 1978

"... The whole book is a hymn to love, world peace and a condemnation of war..."
Maria Pyliotou, PEDIKI HARA (Cypriot monthly children's magazine) - Nicosia, November 1978.

"... Love and self-sacrifice beyond borders are what make this book valuable spritirual food for our children and a must for every library..."
ECOGENIA KAI SCHOLIO (Family and School), Cypriot bimonthly magazine - Nicosia, January-February 1979

"... Through these adventures, young readers will experience incidents and events of war that do not lead to hatred and stirring of nation differences, but to passion for freedom and reconciliation..."
AVGI (daily newspaper) -Athens, 2 September,1984

"... The Little Brother is one of those books that beat the time. It combines the truth of life with the truth of art... The real events on which it is based and the adventures of the Greek family are objectified through the roads of art, so that the story acquires a tragic timelessness, beyond the "there" and the "then"...
Dr. V.D.Anagnostopulos, DIADROMES magazine Issue No 3, Autumn 1986

"... I recommend this book to children of my age without reservations. They will experience the meaning of a timeless message..."
S. Plastiras, High-School student, NEOI KAIROI (journal) - Karditsa, 24 October, 1986

"... The iron unity of the myth, the fast development, the wonderful plot, the truth and persuasiveness of the characters, the important messages, all these cooperate in the creation of an authentic piece of literature..."
Heraclis Kallergis, Professor, University of Patra, (letter) 11 January 1987

"... A children's book which reminds of the work of our classical author Penelope Delta and deals with a gegraphical area irrigated with blood and tears. By avoiding to poison young people's soul with chauvinistic messages, this novel inspires and guides to the right direction. The Little Brother is an example of finding the golden section between patriotism, good quality of literature for children and "historical" novel."
K.Valetas, AEOLIKA GRAMMATA, issue No 101, 1988

" ... A powerful message of universal peace and humanitarianism permeates this moving account of two brothers attempts to be reunited with their parents during World War I. This story is considered outstanding because of its valid portrayal of historical events."
BOOKLIST - USA, April 15, 1989, p.2478

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