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"To mikrovio tis evexias - Grafontas vivlia yia pedia" (The germ of well-being - Writing books for children)
Patakis, 2002
ISBN: 960-16-0370-0

Personal views of the writer on children's literature and the writing of books for children, drawn from a 30-year experience.

"It is a manual and guide for writers, new and old, involved in children's literature. Although it is a theoretical book dealing with crucial matters of philology in the domain of children's books, because of the way it is written it proves to be a wonderful piece of literary art. I particularly appreciated the clarity and lucidity of the rich thoughts derived from a deep knowledge of the bibliography in this field, as well as from the successful psychological analysis of 'the child still alive in us all'. It is one of those books that writers - not only of children's books - as well as educators have to consult often."
M. I. Maratheftis
Ex Principal of Teachers' Training College of Cyprus
Nicosia, 4 July 2002

" ...I found The germ of well-being extremely interesting and well balanced in terms of experience and theory."
Diamanti Anagnostopoulou
Assistant Professor, University of Aegean
Athens, 5 July 2002

"... I particularly enjoyed the theoretical approach to children's books, which was clear, judicious, and well constructed".
Alexandra Zervou
Professor, University of Aegean
Rhodes, 26 August 2002

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