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"Opos kai st' aidonia" - Gia tin pediki logotehnia horis pseudesthiseis (As with the Nightingales - About children's literature without illusions)
Patakis, 1995
ISBN: 960-360-399-6

(From Bookbird - IBBY Journal - Vol.34, No.4 - winter 1996):
... These are a selection of articles and papers from 1990 to 1994 on a variety of topics, including personal impressions from the IBBY congresses of 1990 (Williamsburg) and 1992 (Berlin).

"... Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou is a very well known and accomplished authoress of children's books who has occupied herself with Children's Literature study, but she has also worthily represented our country in international movements and meetings about it. In this book she states, with no illusions, her very interesting personal views about today's value of Children's Literature and conveys viewpoints from international conferences and questions about the role of children's books... Her views and accounts can be the subject of speculation and further research on that issue, exactly because they come from a specialist."
C. Malafantis, DIAVAZO magazine, no 357, November 1995

"... A useful book that informs, makes us think and will probably give rise to further theoretical approaches and debate".
Thanasis Karagiannis, TO SCHOLIO KAI TO SPITI magazine - no 384/1995

"... I reckon that the authoress' offer to the study of children's books is particularly remarkable, because it is only the creator who can deeply penetrate into the creation and particularly when he/she is the creator of the domain itself, as Petrovits is in this case. The book in view is divided into three parts... Each one (part), of course, has its own interest as well as aims and each one, at its end, has its Greek and foreign bibliography, wherever that is necessary. However, all of them are characterized by admirable density of style and well-timed substantiation, but also clarity and agility of word so as each essay, each proposal to form (and it does form) "the substantial and invaluable of the whole", something that exists, you can see it, you can sense it as a part of Ms. Petrovits. This is why I said before that she is well versed in her domain... This kind of essays deserve to be read by people who wish to broaden their horizons as far as literature and education in general are concerned. They break new ground to our interests always in connection with the child and its contemporary surroundings, with their good points and, above all, their dangers..."
Costas Sardelis, NEA ESTIA magazine - Vol. 139, no 1647, 15.2.1996

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