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"Milontas gia ta pedika vivlia" (Talking about children's books)
Kastaniotis, 1983, 1987
ISBN: 960-03-0489-0

(From Bookbird - IBBY Journal):
Collected lectures delivered from 1978 to 1983 on various aspects of children's literature. Also included are reports on the 1978, 1980, and 1982 IBBY Congresses, with summaries and comments on a number of the main papers.

"... Its content is the searching of a whole world, the child's world in contrast to the adults' world. This edition comes to cover, as one of the first ones, a void... Thus, it is expected for the project in view to be read with interest, both for its content as well as the authoress' performance in children's books. And the more the reader moves on from chapter to chapter, the more enlightened he becomes about the value of this work, which mainly refers to the adults when they need to think about writing and address themselves to the child... The authoress offers us a large number of pebbles, through her descriptions and recommendations and the experience of the conclusions she has drawn, so as the composition of a valuable mosaic to take place... This work, a rarity of its kind, is full of findings and conclusions, but also a result of maturity, experience and love of the authoress for her task that is a very important one".
H.L. MACEDONIA newspaper - 1.2.1984

"The content of Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou's book is particularly constructive. Within the one hundred and fifty one pages of the new book of the authoress, who has devoted her literature talent to the young ages, there are questions presented quite obviously. Questions that are always burning for each educator and parent as well, but mostly for those who work on writing books for children. Thus, it comprises a valuable acquisition for every family, teacher, educator, writer, librarian, but for every man as well who speculates and is interested in the out-of-school intellectual food of his children".
O Ierokiricas, IMERISIA newspaper - 10.2.1984

"... Referring to children's books, someone can say a lot since he knows well the way to do it. This book offers us many useful elements from those related to children's books and the child, Children's Literature and its task to form spiritual horizons for man since his childhood. When she does not present her own views, she conveys the others' views reformed and enriched by her own experience and knowledge, this kind of knowledge that actively and creatively determines the worldwide course of action as far as children's books are concerned, a field in which authors, educators, librarians and reliable researchers of Children's Literature play the leading part. Within its pages there are many portions of wisdom. Many answers are given to the agonizing questions for the finding of the elements that create the good and beneficial book for the child... The book is a composition of lectures, papers, and proposals, speeches that the authoress delivered during the last years. The advantage of the book, which its material has already been presented in different forms and opportunities, is that great care has been taken for its apportioned writing when that happened. This is something that makes the primarily independent and sectional presentations of it have autonomy, completeness and thoroughness, something that does not always appear even in books written at one go and from the beginning... Those parents who are interested in the out-of-school readings of their children will find many answers to questions they ask in every opportunity they are given. They will learn many things and will be properly oriented by reading a book that someone who knows a lot about the child and children's books entrusts them."
Kiriakos Ntelopoulos, E KATHIMERINI newspaper - 8.3.1984

"... It is about an entire view, an attitude of life towards children's books. Which purposes do they serve? What should the "ideology" of them be? What exactly does a child need? What does it ask for in a book? How does the author feel and work? Which intermediaries supersede between the author and the reader? Her impressions from the conferences are very interesting. Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou conveys to us the views of children's books authors from other countries, and the most important, speculations on television programmes for children today. For, we should not forget that the book's major rival is television. So, let them ally for the benefit of young people."
Poly Miliori PANTHEON magazine - no 798, 13-26.3.1984

"Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou... presents truth with spiritual dignity. Her aim is to throw spiritual light on the aspects of her issues, many of which are unseen, unknown, almost inexistent or maybe misunderstood aspects of children's books... Thus, the backwater is moving and is also cleaned from superficial knowledge, misunderstanding and delusion. Autonomy in knowledge, excellent criticism, love for man and particularly the young man and his book, together with an acknowledged literature talent gave us Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou's valuable offer of Talking about Children's Books, which honours herself and our culture,too."
Ioannis G. Theoharis, PROINA NEA newspaper, Ioannina - 14.4.1984

"... The book is particularly useful to those who intensely work on children's out-of-school literary food".
ENA magazine -June 1984

"The authoress, who has distinguished herself for the clarity of her critical word and the assiduous documentation of the subjects she develops, here cites thematically rich material based on her own lectures in local and international conferences of IBBY as well as articles of hers, also enriched by international and selectively Greek bibliography. It is surely a significant book which helped and still helps many people to form a view about many issues while it also offers wealth of knowledge about what the foreigners believe, on international scale, about Children's Literature."
V.D. Anagnostopoulos, DIADROMES magazine - no 12, Winter 1988

"... it is about an excellent project-research on children's books, written by a specialist in Children's Literature issues, both Greek and foreign. This book deserves to be read by those parents, educators and every single man who is concerned about the future of our society, for there are many things he can learn about and be taught as well".
T.A.Nimas, PROINOS LOGOS newspaper, Trikala - 29.4.1989

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