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Short Stories for Adults:
"Enopion ton Angelon" (In front of the angels)
Patakis, 1999
ISBN: 960-600-819-3

" Five vertebrate short stories which, as if they were pieces of an elaborate puzzle of human adventure, constitute a unified narrative that attracts the reader's interest from its very first page. The subject of the book has to do with the contemporary reality of the Greek Countryside where the past coexists with the present and the tradition chain has not broken yet, despite the pressure and the sirens of civilization. The human characters are sketched out by the author with mastery."
Giota Kougiali, E THESSALIA newspaper - Volos, March 1999

The stories are vertebrate; in other words, they constitute a unified narrative... What mostly impresses the reader is the elasticity and dilation of time, something that disrupts the linearity of the narration. The use of the in media res, the reverie technique, the frequent flash-backs as well as the visional shifts to some extreme points of time, where the soul touches the mystery of death, attribute a unique color to the whole text while they remove it from the danger of it being enclosed into a picturesque and idyllic, but inevitably static ethography... The question of death dominates all of her stories - I would even dare, using the Platonic terminology, to describe the book as a "death study"... The book does not belong to the genre of religious literature, as we call it; however, a sense of religious atmosphere is diffused throughout it and inspires the authoress... However, the authoress is also inspired by the ancient Greek texts; in this way, she interweaves the past with the present and links the tradition with the contemporary reality of the Greek countryside...
Heracles Kallergis, Professor at the University of Patras
(Presentation of the book in a special ceremony - 14 February 2000)

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