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Short Stories for Adults:
"Ta tessera tango" (The four tangos)
Patakis, 1996. 2nd edition 1998
ISBN: 960-360-546-8

"Five short stories, linked by an indiscernible thread, depict the present and the past of ordinary people of our times originated in the experiences that have indelibly stamped and determined them, people who appear to be completely different the one from the other - often strange to the world, their surroundings or their time - people who, however, have some things in common. It is the hidden sensitivity, the wounds that remain from the sore experiences, the inner pursuit of hope for a meaningful life. Aspects and circumstances pathetically identifiable, in spite of the characters' peculiarity, something that probably makes them unexpectedly familiar to the reader, who undoubtedly will finally find something from himself in the stories of this book - particularly because they are written in lucid, plain but well-timed word, too".
BEST SELLER magazine - May 1996

"... The substantial acquaintance of Loty Petrovits with Greek life, strengthened by her insight, makes her short stories give utterance to daily life in vivid social style. They depict the present and the past of the simple, forthright, straightforward people of our days on the occasion of their lives' incidents, personal routines, experiences, whatever each one lived intensely and can guide thoughts, emotions, views and decisions... The short-story writer has given us one of the most powerful, the most vivid, the most truthful, the most well written Modern Greek short narratives. Loty Petrovits is a perceptive novelist, realistic in view, noble in expression, deeply lyrical, irreconcilable to verbiage, harmonized with the fragrance and the taste of the more profound source of man's greatness that is soul! The novelist steps into the yard wall of Greek life with gallantry, comfort, pluck, talent, power and grace. She observes the wholeness and the fateful details and invigorates them. The approach to simple people happens closely, with love, kindness, compassion and it affects. Every composition of hers is solidly built, full of many people, full of emotion, nostalgia, but also longing for life and action. The tale of every short story is excellently organized, perfectly composed, unique for each one of the stories. Based on this, she animates her heroes and it is deeds, action, activity, life that speak out... Loty Petrovits is full of Letters; she has the gift, the passion for her place and man, slenderness of imagination, ease of narration with clear word, plain but also well-timed, craving of the heart, longing for a life of real humanity. All those joined their hands fraternally and livened up what gives life to her short stories, which signify tendency to the "idea" with the Platonic meaning of the word that is tendency towards essence, towards quality."
Ioannis G. Theoharis, PROINOS LOGOS NEWSPAPER, Ioannina - 18-19.5.1996

Τα βιβλία της Λότη... Τα βιβλία της Λότης...
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